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V signed a contract with DJK Custom Homes Inc (Plainfield and Naperville Illinois) with the OWNER himself Dan Kittilsen. This man is a FRAUD. V wish v did our research BEFORE being ripped off by this man. I have since spoken to over a sozen of his homeowners and they ALL HAVE THE SAME STORY. Dan Kittilsen is a great salesman, and he told us everything v wanted to hear. Only when he put the contract together he leaves many of the items out, only to say later on that "it wasnt included". He ripped my wife and I off by more than $100,000!!!

He charged us to "INSTALL THE APPLIANCES", which i later found out he did not do to others. He rips each client off in whatever way he can. HE IS A FRAUD. He charged us to "haul dirt off the property" and told us it was an amount. We questioned the amount and he then handed is an INVOICE from his contractor. Unfortunately we spoke to his contractor and found out that DAN KITTILSEN himself MADE THAT INVOICE UP. The real invoice was thousands lower. I have contacted legal respresentation and am considering pursuing this. HE IS A FRAUD AND COMMITS IT WITH HIS HOMEOWNERS.

After speaking to many homeowners I found that he does lie about 90% of the time and others have also received FRAUDULENT invoices.

V found out the hard way by building with DJK Custom Homes. DO NOT BUILD WITH THIS MAN. His staff is rude and inexperienced and he doesnt warranty his work. Other homeowners want to file legal action against him, however it is SUCH A DRAINING PROCESS to work with him that most people just want him to go away.

HE IS A GREAT SALESMAN.. IF you are considering to built with him, then ask him for the last 20 homes he built for references. I am within those last 20, so you should speak with me also. He will NEVER give you his last 20 homeowners because over a dozen i spoke with hate him.

I am saddened that v were taken advantage of, especialy after talking to other homeowners and real estate agents in the area and finding out that he has been doing this for years.

V spoke with many of his contractors also and over 50% of them either were short paid or were not paid at all. It was the worst experience I have made in my life and I dont wish this on anybody else.

Build with someone else. DAN KITTILSEN IS A *** ARTIST, BEWARE!!

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #930668

Exact the same experience. Dan Kittlesen does nothing but promise things and never delivers (lies non stop).

During the building process you can catch him in his lies (if you are diligent in emails and conversations - he is not that smart...), but he will still deny. Never met such a dirty scoundrel.

A class action lawsuit seem appropriate due to number of complaints, but then DJK would just claim bankruptcy and start up again the next day under a different name doing the same antics


Sorry you have had a bad experience with this guy. I do know that the builder next to him in Stuart Ridge is not someone you would want to spend money with.

This guy was afraid to put anything in writing and then when he had to he complained that he was losing money on the deal.

I walked from his antics. Another builder that should be out of business..


He has been ripping trades off for years!! A homeowner is lucky if they have a warranty if the contractor is not paid .

I have noticed some contractors got smart and started filings leins on his properties.

The worst builder to work for! I feel sorry for the homeowners.

Plainfield, Illinois, United States #584490

Be very careful when selecting a home builder. We have learned the hard way from DJK Custom Homes out of Plainfield Illinois. After being promised the world, we rarely saw the owner himself Dan Kittilsen. We were told time after time that things were included in the home only to be delivered the bad news by his staff that its "not included". It doesnt happen once it happens the entire process. I was going to leave my thoughts to myself as we are glad to be done dealing with them, however we have warranty issues that still remain unresolved.

Items that need attention are put off for months, ultimately it looks as though DJK wants the warranty time to expire. His 2 year warranty is a gimick, because he can give you a 10 year warranty, it wont matter because they wont show up to fix anything.

For the money that you spend there are better options or just build the home yourself and pay a contractor to oversee the project as DJK Homes bounces subcontractors in and out. We had multiple trades quit during out home only to have another contractor come in and "repair" the poor quality work.

We are now out of pocket money to repair fixes and seeing what avenues we can take to recover some of our losses.


I know this is true from the contractors side. We have been short paid by Dan Kittilsen over & over again.

He is the only one making out on his home sales. He changes his tradesmen like the rest of us change socks.

to Ripped off tradesmen #590997

we too had been ripped of by djk.. I dont understand how he has not gotten caught. Isnt there some type of signatures we can obtain to take him to court?

to ripped of #637982

I am a Owners rep in high end construction projects,protecting owners interest and I have not seen this type of price manipulation in years, without any type of line item breakdown justifying this INFLATED pricing. I need to gather more information to help my client but this builder needs to be stopped!

He is ripping good people off. It will not stand!!

to ***sultant doing some research Naperville, Illinois, United States #669424

We bought home from DJK and did research after questioning pricing thru out project. appears most upgrades have a margin of 45% or higher for DJK.

some items were charged as high at 600% of real cost. Id like to speak w "consultant"

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