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I am a homeowner of a few years of a crappy built DJK custom home. From leaks, to cracks, to mold, I have had it all. It is almost impossible to get this company to warranty their work. The contractors that are hired are the cheapest of the cheap. Most of the ones who built my home dont even work their anymore as my husband and I have seen many of them over the past years who dont say good things about the owner. The owner is Dan Kittilson, who is a scheister himself.

When we signed contract on his home we were excited as this was suposed to be our dream home. Instead, it turned out to be our nightmare. We ended up over $120,000 over budget due to Mr Kittilson's bait and switch tactics. We had a very specific list of items we wanted in our home all of which we were told were included. Turns out they arent. My husband and I are not confrontational people, however that didnt stop Mr Kittilson from calling out fights and speaking down to us. He did this on a few occassions and continued to say we shouldnt call him a liar.

There is a large group of DJK homeowners who are completely dissatisfied, however he will never send us as a reference just like he did with my husband and I. He instead gave us a reference list of 3 people, and 2 of which we have learned he never built homes for. This man is a sheister.

We dont choose to put down every detail that he screwed us on, because the list never ends, however everything from shingle color to brick color was an upgrade. The brick "allowance" is so cheap you get more from a Pulte home. Faucets are marked up and you cant do anything about it. The flooring is the worst. You walk into HIS flooring store to be ripped off. You have no choice but to use HIS contractors as this is how he makes more money and forces you to use them. We caught him in a lie on our flooring upgrades only to have him threaten us not to call him a liar. Needless to say, we paid it. At that point he had so much of our money, what else coluld we really do.

We hope this man goes out of business for all that he has put and others through. Since we closed our home, we NEVER heard from him again. During the home process, he visited our home 6 times max over 6 months of construction. He relied on his staff and forces his staff to continue his poor code of ethics. His contractors spoke to us during the construction process and told us how awful he is to work for. Just what a homeowner wants to hear!!. Luckily we would buy the guys pizza and donuts and that seemed to help on our home.

We ended up with a home that is falling apart, that never had a warranty, and is overpriced. we truly hope that others do their research on this company before using them. It all sounds so promising and exciting up front and then it turns into a daily nightmare. Once you give him your money, you will be handed off and everything you thought was included will be an "upgrade".

If you are even considering to build a house with DJK, you should ask for allowances for every single item, and be assured you can use any contractor you want. If he wont do this, use another builder. His contractors are awful, and they work for below wage. The electrician that did our home spoke to us and told us that he was never paid on the previous home and therefore he could "only spend so much time on our home". again.. just what a homeowner wants to hear.

Use a reputable builder instead. ask around, and talk to realtors and other homeowners. You will regret it if you use this company

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Oswego, Illinois, United States #709529

Was referred to this site after talking to a friend about builders to build with. If a "custom" builder has this kind of bad publicity, probably worth going a different route.

Homes look nice but from what i hear the homes have a lot of issues. Glad i checked it out!

Lisle, Illinois, United States #678988

This company tried to sell us a home but would not give prices up front and refused to show us any pricing so we didnt buy from them. Glad after seeing the reviews that we went elsewhere.

Pays to do your research. Feel bad for ones who werent so lucky and deal with a company like that.

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