V purchased a home with Dan Kittilsen of DJK Custom Homes (Plainfield Illinois and his other address is Naperville IL) and it was to be custom built. After telling my wife and I that he was a man of his word, we found out he was anything but. He is a *** artist. He tells you whatever you want to hear up front and then when he puts the inclusions sheet together for contract he leaves things out. In my home he charged us TO INSTALL THE APPLIANCES! He had a photo of the home we wanted to built and he then later said "this and this and this isnt included". He charged us to "haul dirt off the lot", and then handed us a FRAUDULENT BILL which was made up by him. Yes v verified this with the contractor who confirmed that Dan Kittilsen is a scam artist. I spoke with my attorney regarding this and have yet decided if we will pursue legal action. After speaking with other contractors, it is clear that he short pays every contractor and some contractors he doesnt pay at all. He seems like such a nice guy when you first meet him, but all the homeowners v spoke with hate him.

He does not warranty his work and his staff is rude. V spent almost 1 million dollars with this man and he still took advantage of us.

My wife and I spent over 300 hours with this man and each time he created a new lie. Do NOT under any condition build with this man. He is a WONDERFUL sales man, unfortunately he is also a FRAUD.

Ask to speak with his last 20 homeowners, and you too will see that this man is a FRAUD. V had to learn the hard way by having him put us through *** for a year. He missed out closing date by months and each time blamed someone else.

If you cant speak to his last 20 homeowners, then DONT BUILD WITH THIS MAN. HE IS A FRAUD AND WILL GET OVER ON YOU TOO!

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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Chandler, Arizona, United States #966901

Dan is the most unethical person that I've come across. As others mentioned, the details are in the dollars...and he will squeeze EVERY dollar from you until you are bone dry.

Fraudulent bills - yep we got those too!

Many of his contractors shared thoughts on his unethical way of doing business. Seriously folks...DO NOT trust him!

Park Ridge, Illinois, United States #741661

djk builder losses lawsuit a few weeks ago. glad he gets what he deserves. he *** me and many workers.


I found both builders in Stewart Ridge to be clowns. They both remind me of someone you would find at a street corner in the city running a dice game.

Needless to say my husband and I went with Kings Court Builders and had nothing but a wonderful experience. Just ask around with realtors and contractors and you will not find many good things said about those 2 builders.

One realty office actually laughed when we mentioned DJK. That was all we had to hear.


Thanks to all the posters that have given us the real deal on this builder. I too, was in talks with this builder, but soon realized that he was not for me either.

I hope you can get relief from this guy.

to DuckFace Cicero, Illinois, United States #666875

We to were in talks with this builder but saw through his tactics. The owner seems to slam other builders and old trades.

We got the sense that Dan(owner) appeared desperate for sales and overall seemed to have no organization.

Glad we read the reviews and chose a builder in another town

Goshen, Indiana, United States #588972

There are many other unhappy homeowners . Thanks for posting this as I noticed other people had leins on their homes from subcontractors not being paid. Buyers Beware!!

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