for a builder that claims that they pay attention to every detail, they must mean the detail on a dollar bill. Money is the ONLY thing that this builder pays attention to. Sure the owner loves you if you have a large checking account and are willing to dish out upgrades at a markup of between 40-400%!!

Example --- vaulted ceiling.. The carpenter told me flat out he got paid somewhere around $200 for this. I was charged $1800

Example --- I wanted wraught iron on my staircase - Stair guy from Right angle stairs (who was doing work at the time don't know if he still does) said he charges $10 per spindle. I was charged $40 per spindle!!!! then was told they could do it at "cost" for $30 a spindle.

Example --- wanted upgraded hardwood flooring.. Spoke with FCA and Great Western Flooring.. NOPE. you are FORCED to use Performers Flooring. This is where the real price gouging comes in. Its simple math and you are stuck. DJK will make a minimum of 35% to 50% on your flooring. and if you dare decide to stay with the standard?? you get a lovely choice of 5 tiles that I wouldn't put in section 8 housing. every flooring option was outrageous. I felt a little bit badly for the owner of the flooring place as he looks as though he doesn't want to price gouge however he still did it to me. His field workers had ZERO positive things to say about DJK and basically said they dread going to DJK jobsites. Just what every homeowner wants to hear

the examples can go on and on, but you get the point. If you are eager to spend $8500 for a front door that DJK buys for $2000 then DJK is your builder. Enjoy building a house you will NEVER resell. Look around. every single home DJK has built is appraised for hundreds of thousands less. I only wish people would have reviewed them so I wouldn't be one of his victims

This was my "nice" review as I modified it from the original. I would not hire DJK again even to come wash my windows as im sure there would be some hidden charge as is the case with them.

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I've emailed DJK to see if they would build in my area & Dan replied they do work in my area. Now I've read the complaints, I'm afraid to go with this builder.

We are new to the process & need find a home & move by the end of next year. Can anyone help me & know a good, reputable affordable home builder?

to Anonymous5 #1355980

We too did our research and went elsewhere. I am glad we did as we have seen numerous lawsuits against that builder and many bad reviews. Overstreet Builders, Kings Court Builders, and Sienna all seem to have positive reviews.

to LuckyShutters6 #1540853

Our last home in Bolingbrook was with Oversteet Builders. I would NEVER buy from Doug again!

He took advantage of several home buyers in the subdivision.

I'm sure he took advantage of us too by marking up the price! That is why we purchased our own stainless steel appliances and our gorgeous wood front door after the purchase of our home!

to Anonymous5 #1376123

What area are you looking to build in? Try Clare Castle Custom Homes in Oswego.

Definitely pay attention to detail.

The owner Joe Griffin built our home in Elmhurst. Was honest and upfront about the cost and what we could expect to pay for what we wanted.

Oswego, Illinois, United States #720068

Im also a contractor who did work for djk builders. bad bad experience.

you are asked to put inferior products in for the lowest end price possible. even after i refused, i was still shorted on the pay. needless to say, djk is ALL about money. its impossible to make a living with them because they short the pay.

the company has no one working there but the owner and a guy who drives to the jobs so u are forced to chase money. stay away, find someone else reputable

Miami, Florida, United States #613546

Your experience is nothing compared to what I personally endured from djk homes. My entire home was built by the superintendant and the owner visited my home during the process MAYBE 1 time. We were promised that Dan was going to visit the jobsite daily which in turn meant never.

I would often make comments about something looking good to which the owner would reply "yes that does look good" even though I made it up, further proving he never went there.

This may not seem like a big deal, but when you are sold a home and told that the "owner" is personally going to be at your house daily, you expect that.

The list could go on forever, but here are a few of the items that were done that looks like 5th grader completed it

1. Our casings on our windows are smiling at us. We later found out that the carpenter who built our home also trimmed it. Classy! The poor quality shows

2. We have gutters that leak. YES they STILL leak to this date, bc the company who did it wont do any more work for DJK and I assume Dan "forgot" about the warranty phone call. It seems he has a knack to "forget" everytime something needs to be fixed. I simply stopped calling.

3. all of our duckwork in the basement is leaking air, I assume because the joints are not taped. Just another shortcut that DJK took and we recently hired All Seasons HVAC to come and tape every seam properly.

The one thing I am grateful for is that I no longer need to deal with them. Some of the trades were nice, the superintendant and office girl were helpful but they had very little say in anything bc Dan just used them for the bad news that was always delivered to us "this and that are not included" "this is more money" etc etc etc

Stay away!


Sounds eerily familiar to what my husband and I experienced with DJK Homes. Inflated upgrades and a LOT that were supposedly "included" in the home when we talked before signing contract.

We no longer do any agreements with a handshake or verbally as we got burned by Dan Kittilson. Just speak with the contractors, they talked to us during the process too and most didn't have good things to say and the majority complained about not getting paid or being paid peanuts.

to Same Bad Experience #622010

We did work for DJK as a contractor and after discussing pricing and being asked to just "do the work" and we will take care of you, we were told here is what you will be paid, take it or leave it. I can't speak for others but my personal opinion is that the quality suffers because they treat contractors like trash and after they are done ripping them off they move on to the next. Would never do work for them again

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