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We built with DJK homes well over 4 years ago and thought that anyone who is considering building with them should know that it has been 4 years since we completed our "30 day walk thru", and it is STILL NOT COMPLETED.

Obviously we have given up, and hired another company (who has since remodeled our office and completed our basement)to complete the work. Ironically enough the contractor we hired, worked for DJK and told us all about how Dan the owner refuse to pay his subs and actually tells his subs to cut corners to keep prices dirt cheap.

Anyone considering building with DJK should know this first hand from a homeowner. Once you close, you become a distant memory

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I’m in need of a home remodel and was looking into DJK. After reading many bad reviews I’ll pass on them. If you have any recommendations it would be greatly appreciated!

to Lisa #1559225

Recently passed on them as well. There are too many horror stories about DJK and looks like many of the positive reviews are being posted by people they use, like lenders.

Plainfield, Illinois, United States #694318

Does NOT warranty his services. Has gone thru about 15 people in his office in the past 2 years, no one stays working there.

He will get his in *** one day.

If you build with this guy, you have been forewarned. You WILL GET SCREWED

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